1876 $20 Liberty Type 2 NGC MS60 Deep Prooflike-!! Only one graded!

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1876 $20 Liberty Type 2 NGC MS60 Deep Prooflike. We have the pleasure of offering a recent purchase from the last coin show – and one we’ve never seen before because $20 double eagles don’t come Deep Prooflike at all-! As if the DPL status isn’t significant enough, this is a Type 2 $20 gold piece and only two other Type 2 $20 gold coins have been awarded the DPL designation from NGC, an 1866 (MS64) and a 1868 (MS60).

DPL gold isn’t for everyone, but for those who have tried to collect it they know how hard it can be and how much competition exists today amongst a core group of die-hard buyers. This specimen shouldn’t last long. While it is ‘scuffy’ as indicated by the Mint State-60 grade, the depth of the deep golden surfaces comes through and clearly contrasts the devices.