1837 Capped Bust 50C Reeded Edge PCGS MS62 CAC

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1837 Capped Bust 50C Reeded Edge PCGS MS62 CAC. We’ve handled quite a few 1837-dated Capped Bust half dollars in our time, but this has to be THE MOST eye appealing example we’ve ever encountered. If you’re as nuts about these coins as we are – we just can’t stop looking at this magnificent specimen! There are coins – and then there are COINS-!

Scuzzy? NO-!

Average? NO-!

Above Average? Arguably No.

Exquisite? YES-!!

Both obverse and reverse are enhanced by a very light plum turning to lavender at the edges. Even COOLER (upon closer examination) are the die cracks that run through the lettering on both the obverse and reverse! Collectors go NUTS over this!