1861 $1 Gold Type 3, PCGS MS63 (with rotated dies)

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1861 $1 Gold Type 3, PCGS MS63. A very popular and highly collectible gold coin, specifically because of the year in which it was minted marking the dawn of our nation’s unrest and the commencement of the Civil War.

The present example displays a sunflower yellow-gold hue and a few minor tics away from the Gem Mint State classification. What we find most unusual about this coin, however, this the 180 degree rotated dies! We cannot remember the last time we saw this on a federal gold coins although they do exist. We recently bought and sold an 1850 Moffat $5 gold piece that shared the same characteristic. Not much has been written on this subject (probably because there aren’t enough to analyze) but if you’re seeking Civil War era coinage, this one certainly is a conversation piece! (PCGS#025668459)