1840 Braided Hair Cent, Large Date N-8, NGC MS65 RED

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1840 Braided Hair Cent. N-8. Large Date. NGC MS65 RED. Exceptionally Rare with Full Red Surfaces!!! Exceptionally Rare with Full Red Surfaces!!! In our opinion this is a finer coin than the PCGS MS65 recently sold out of the Douglas Kaselitz collection (7/2015 (See it!) @ $38,188. The Kaselitz specimen (N-6) shows signs of a facial scar, light carbon spotting and traces of a fingerprint on the reverse. This full Mint Red Gem is absolutely pristine. It’s radiant satin surfaces still show-off a full mint bloom in vivid rose-orange color. The overall quality is as close to pristine as we can recall handling in an example from these dies. The strike is sharp overall and the surface preservation is exceptional. Opportunities to acquire 1840 Braided Hair cents of this quality — irrespective of individual die variety — come along only once in a very long while. NGC has a population of only 4 coins; all in this grade. PCGS has also graded only 4 coins – a 64 and 3 65’s. The NGC published price is $50,000.

The die variety Newcomb-8 is one of 13 varieties of the date. This coin displays a late obverse state, dentils weak in places, flow lines adorn Liberty’s neck, rim crumbling from 1 to 6 o’clock, reverse from a middle state with some softness in the dentils and with no die lines through ERIC; these faded quickly from the die and are seen only in very early states.

The Braided Hair type, which began in the twilight of 1839 as noted above, was the last major motif in the large cent series. However, adjustments were made, and the earlier dates, as here, have the head smaller, more finely executed, and at a different angle in relation to the date.