1922 Grant with Star $1 Gold PCGS MS67+ CAC

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1922 G$1 Grant With Star MS67+ PCGS. CAC. We are fortunate enough to have been offered this remarkable coin for sale at the most recent FUN show in Tampa. In fact, you’re looking at the absolute first coin to ever make the MS67+ designation, as indicated in it’s last auction appearance during the April 2013 Central States Coin Show Heritage Signature Sale auction, where it was a population of 1 with 1 finer. After spirited bidding (yes, we did attend the sale as we do all CSNS sales) this coin eventually hammered and invoiced out at $12,338. The new owner was non other than Paul Denby, who has had the PCGS #1 Registry Set since 2008. Why sell such a fantastic coin now -? Well, easy. He bought the MS68 to replace this coin.

See this link for that auction record

Since that April day at the auction in Schaumburg, Illinois, seven more plus coins have been recognized by PCGS. A review of major auction records show that many of these tend to have some very minor imperfections or discoloration. The present specimen has extremely lustrous surfaces without a mark to be found on either surface. If we had to guess why it isn’t a higher grade (ahem) it may be due to one or two lines hidden in one high point of the tree on the reverse. If you’re not skilled at looking for such tiny imperfections, you’d most likely miss it all together.