Currency – Fr.2157-Gm 1950 $100 Chicago Illinois Federal Reserve Notes, (10) Consecutive asst’d PMG avg 64

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1950 $100 Federal Reserve Notes, (10) Consecutive FR#2157-Gm (GA Block), Assorted PMG grades 63 through 67, average 64.3. These $100 notes come to us from descendants of the Napleton family of the greater Chicago area. The Napleton’s were well known back in the 1950’s as having the first Chrysler Plymouth car dealership in the area. Today, they have expanded to a variety of other brands as well. Accordingly, one day in January 1953, a gentleman came in and purchased a Chrysler Convertible Windsor for cash. It wasn’t known until just this year that not only were many groups of the $100 bills used in the transaction all consecutively numbered. These notes are all uncirculated and average Very Choice, Nearly Gem Uncirculated. 9 out of 10 are EPQ or Exceptional Paper Quality. The last one that is not EPQ has “stamp ink” on the back and comes with the paper band used by the issuing authority.