Tetradrachm – Athens, Greece “Owl” reverse c.449 BCE NGC AU* on huge flan!

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Attica, Athens. Tetradrachm after 449 BC, silver 17.15 grams. We really like these coins and have placed a significant number of Mint State, MS* and Choice Mint State coins over the years – some even in Fine Style. In fact, the Athens Tetradrachm is #10 of the 100 Greatest Ancient Coins library reference! But when we saw this coin we took great pause. Typically, 99.9% of these coins are missing some element of their design, especially on the obverse, and when fully struck they command huge premiums from collectors. Not only does this coin have an enormous flan, it is completely struck with all details featured!! Not only is Athen’s head plume fully visible but there is an enormous space before her face. It’s almost as if this coin were struck under special circumstances – as a pattern or presentation piece, for example. Truly destined for an advanced cabinet of numismatics! Strike is 5 out of 5; the surface is also 5 out of 5 – perfection!

The obverse displays the Head of Athena facing right wearing crested Attic helmet. The reverse shows AT? Owl standing right with closed wings, head facing; olive sprig and crescent behind. All within incuse square. An absolutely spectacular coin struck on an exceptionally large flan.