1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar O-101A - NGC VG 10

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T-7, High R.3, VG10 PCGS. Tompkins Die State 1/5. This pleasing VG10 specimen is from the late state of the O-101 dies, with the die crack from the final leaf tip extending to the second S in STATES. The O-101 variety is the most available of the 11 1794 half dollar varieties, with a surviving population of 200-300 pieces in all grades. Considered by itself, the late die state O-101a is probably an R.4 issue. This evenly worn VG10 specimen exhibits well-formed lettering and date, with some interior detail intact on the central design elements. Pleasing shades of lavender-gray and golden-brown toning blanket the lightly abraded surfaces. PCGS Price Guide...$8250.